Friday, August 11, 2006

At 4:00 AM, the so-called supremacy of Israel's army came back to life by arranging to drop a few bombs on Lebanese innocent civilians. For them, it is just another day (wake up early, turn off the alarm clock, brush their teeth, launch a few missiles) and for the Dahieh (and other towns/villages in Lebanon) inhabitants, it is another massacre.
  • Gert, a reporter from Belgium, ordered his "cafe au lait comme d'habitude s'il te plait". Yesterday, he went to Baalbeck. Though he was shocked from the tight level of security from Hezbollah's members, he was pleased to find that the precautionary measures implemented were combined with extremely polite and respectful manners. "I had some time left, so I went to visit the Roman temples...And the new ruins!", he said detailing me the horrors of what he saw. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, with the help of our loving neighbors, new tourist's sites have been declared open to what is left of the public.
  • Two clients came to order Earl Grey tea. While they were drinking their hot tea and eating their thyme mankousheh, they started telling me about the shameful Sheikh's speech they heard after Friday's prayer. "He kept on praising Fouad Saniora (Lebanon's prime minister) for his role in this war, and it went on for hours without mentioning a single word about the resistance! They are the ones who are fighting, they are the ones who are dying!" one of them said. And the other to add: "I've heard that in some Arab countries like Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Tunisia, they include the Lebanese resistance in their prayers."
  • A Kenyan journalist ordered a Mochaccino. His cab was waiting outside and the cafe was crowded. "How long would it take?" he asked. Trying to calculate how many clients haven't been served, I replied that it might take around five minutes. Realizing that he had a few minutes to chit-chat, he added: "I hope that it is not a Kenyan five minutes because I've noticed that we share a similar time table. It is too bad we have not your resistance army." For the record: Four minutes later, his Mochaccino was served.
  • At around noon, an explosion was heard. I looked at my clients and some passers by. No one reacted. A few remarks like: "It is on Dahieh" or "The wife told them to be patient, lunch is not ready yet", but life went on the way it was... With an increasing number of casualties.
  • While drinking her cinnamon cappuccino, a hotel employee and I started analyzing yesterday's events. After a few minutes, she changed the subject to tell me that the hotel she is working in gave her an unpaid leave as it did to more than 80% of the employees. "Our colleagues worldwide (the hotel is a multinational chain) are gathering a major donation to pay half of our salaries", she continued. "I am single and my family is helping me, but this salary is the only source of income for most of the employees."
  • Rami, 16 years old, came in to drink his Irish cream hot chocolate and to smoke a few cigarettes. I asked about his brother, Nabil, who is one year older. Rami answered in a low voice: "My mentally ill parents do not let us be together in the same place. We are their only children, and if something happens to one of us, they would still be having the other."


Blogger Georgette said...

Isn't it a shame that in any war, civilians pay the price?

Israeli civilians are just as innocent as the Lebanese, but that doesn't stop Hezb'Allah. (and they were launching missiles at Israel before the soldiers were kidnapped!) If it's OK for Hezb'Allah to keep attacking Israel despite those civilian losses, why should Lebanese civilian deaths morally require Israel to back down?

If Lebanon and the Arab world really think the Lebanese civilians are that important, they'll rein in Hezb'Allah and force the return of the kidnapped soldiers. Of course that's pie in the sky, though-- right?

8:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

georgette, perhaps you would do well to learn some facts about this conflict, before you try to justify the terrorist nature of the Zionist entity.

Last October, the Zionist regime come to our shores and kidnapped a 16 year old fisherman, Mohammad Farran, whose only crime was trying to make a living and feed his family. He is currently being tortured in Zionist jails.

Did Hezbollah wage war against the Zionist regime then? No. Did Hezbollah invade "Isreal" and kill over 1000 civilians, injure over 4,000 and displace over 1 million? No.

and when we capture their soldiers, who are invadors on our land, they call us the terrorsits.

8:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

georgette, perhaps you would do well to learn some facts about this conflict, before you try to justify the terrorist nature of the Zionist entity.

Last October, the Zionist regime come to our shores and kidnapped a 16 year old fisherman, Mohammad Farran, whose only crime was trying to make a living and feed his family. He is currently being tortured in Zionist jails.

Did Hezbollah wage war against the Zionist regime then? No. Did Hezbollah invade "Isreal" and kill over 1000 civilians, injure over 4,000 and displace over 1 million? No.

Again last February, Zionist forces crossed our borders and came into our land and kidnapped a 15 year old shepard, Ibrahim Youssef Rhayyel, whose only crime was trying to make a living and feed his family. They shot him. Three times. In the back. And let him bleed to death.

They also shot two of his sheep. Once. And beheaded them. They drenched Ibrahim's body with the blood of his sheep. They threw his limp bloody corpse back on the Lebanese side of the border. They lobbed the heads of his two sheep next to hid lifeless body.

This is the savage and brutal nature of the Zionist regime and this is the threat that Lebanese civilians have been constantly living with for decades.

Did Hezbollah wage war against the Zionist regime then? No. Did Hezbollah invade "Isreal" and kill over 1000 civilians, injure over 4,000 and displace over 1 million? No.

Since Hezbollah liberated South Lebanon in May of 2000, the Zionist regime has carried out over 13,000 millitary agressions against Lebanese land, seas, and air. Why the hell do we have to live in this constant threat from a rogue regime armed with everything from merkavas to F16's to nuclear weapons?

Let something be very clear. The Lebanese people have the right to self defense. They have the right to persue their own freedom and liberty and dignity and honor and self determination, and they have the right to resist invasion, occupation, and Zionist terror and hegemony.

Hezbollah responded not by attacking your civilians like the Zionists attacked ours, but by targetting a millitary patrol that crossed the Lebanese border into Lebanon and captured 2 Zionist armed terrorists and killed 8 others. MILLITARY TARGETS.

The Zionist regime responded by bombing Beirut's civilian airport, which is as safe as any airport in Europe or the US. They responded by bombing briges and roads and buildings and civilian populations. For 48 hours they hit civilian targets and Hezbollah did NOT respond.

Only after it became crystal clear that the only thing the Zionist terrorists were targetting were civilian targets, Hezbollah started firing their rockets and missiles at MILLITARY REGIONS and MILLITARY POSTS.

The problem is that the Zionists are the cowards who use civilian sheilds, not Hezbollah. Their millitary posts and positions are mostly either inside settlements or bordering them, but in spit of this Hezbollah have been EXTREMELY careful and cautious and less than 1% of their rockets have caused civilian casualties thus far.

Hezbollah have targetted only millitary targets which is why their vast majoirty of the casualties they have inflicted are millitary casualties NOT civilian ones. On the other hand, the Zionists have hit nothing but civilian targets and this is the reality that is reflected on the ground.

Over 1000 of my brothers and sisters have been massacred. Over 4000 injured. Over 1 million displaced. Chemical weapons, cluster bombs, and depleted uranium is being used against my people. My country is being destroyed, my land is under occupation and the freedom and liberty of my people is threatened and you question the Lebanese people's right to resist?

We will resist Zionist terror until the last breath, and we will never bow to Zionist hegemony and terror.

9:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to Israeli Justice Minister Haim Ramon on Zionist army radio: "All those in south Lebanon are terrorists who are related in some way to Hezbollah." After pausing a moment, he adds: "In order to prevent casualties among Israeli soldiers battling Hezbollah militants in southern Lebanon, villages should be flattened by the Israeli air force before ground troops move in."

The Yesha Rabbinical Council confirms after the IDF attack in Kfar Qanna that "according to Jewish law, during a time of battle and war, there is no such term as 'innocents' of the enemy."

^This is the real terrorism. This is the real extremism. This is the real danger.

Words can never truly illustrate the profound danger this terrorist Zionist regime poses to anything called peace, morality, civility, descency, and humanity.

9:07 PM  
Blogger ohcanada said...

georgette - I suppose while the Lebanese government is busy "reining" in the Hezbollah and thus abiding by UN resolution 1391, that Israel will begin to abide by the 65+ resolutions targeting its behaviour in the occupied territories that its been ignoring up to now. Israel hasn't even had the decency to provide maps of the landmines they planted in South Lebanon that the Lebanese government has been requesting for years. Perhaps if Israel had not spent 22 years in South Lebanon (contrary to resolution 425)violating Lebanese citizens (see the UN Human Rights Commission for details regarding the arbitrary arrest and torture of civilians, including woman and children, and the destruction of civilian property) there would not be a Hezbollah to begin with. Someone as educated as you are should make an effort to read up on a little history and to explore the facts. Try for a start.

9:39 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

I guess anonymous and Ohcanada did a great job except Ohcanada its 70 unheeded resolution on Israel's side.

Let's hope not 71 given the latest resolution that passed now one month LATEr.
The bookkeepers will say no. In Israel's short history, it has never respected one of 70 resolutions passed against its aggression. It has violated the UN resolutions each and every time, that is not to mention the UDHR and the Geneva Conventions.

4:06 AM  
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